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*~* The following are statements from actual clients! *~*

"Over the past few years I have been to many Massage Therapists and I will say that Danielle is the only one I keep coming back to!  Danielle has a lot of talent and has the skills to relax and rejuvenate you.  Danielle would be the first person I'll recommend people to when asked if I know the best place to get a massage.  If you're looking to get a massage don't look any further, Danielle is, by far, the best person to go to and the only person I'd trust to give me a massage!  You wont regret it I know I haven't!"
George G. ~ 37, Security Guard

"I had never had a professional massage before, my first time was with Danielle.  She was WONDERFUL!! She makes you feel so relaxed and does such great work on your tense muscles.  After I had just one I made sure I lined up many more with her!! If you are looking for a great massage, I highly recommend Danielle English.  She is FANTASTIC at what she does!!"
Leeann M. ~ 30, Master Instructor at World Class Martial Arts

"Danielle is one of the best ever! It's obvious that she studied her craft well and also has much experience.  She administers a wonderful full-body massage, both deep muscle and light.  She is very honest, ethical, and reasonable. Her massage is, I feel, a good value as she never stops during the whole hour. She deserves all the kudos I can give!"
Ray C. ~  66, Retired 

"Your massage is the best 90 minutes I spend in any given month."
Herb B ~ 75, Retired Consultant 

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