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Massage as a profession began for me in March of 2003. I received my certification and began the search for a job providing massage therapy.  My first serious massage gig was at Apex Pain and Rehab Chiropractic Facility.  Here I did both Massage Therapy and assisted regularly in the Physical Therapy department from May of 2003 until July of 2007. It was during this 4 year span that I gained knowledge and experienced through hands~on Therapeutic and Rehabilitative massage and physical rehabilitation with cases such as: back/neck injuries from auto accidents, slip and falls, disc herniations, etc... In July of 2007, inspired by a fellow massage therapist, I decided to take the leap and work for myself. I wasn't sure how to start my business or in what direction to take it.  A year or so later I took the steps to turn my massage space into something more than just a place to come and get a massage.  Awakening Touch was born! 

Awakening Touch is where you go when you don't want to go to a spa. I will never rush your massage and I will take the time to understand exactly what you're looking for in your session. It is my goal to provide affordable, effective massage therapy in a private, comfortable setting. 

Through my time and experience in my personal massage studio, I have developed my own particular style of massage; which includes techniques from the many different types of massage therapies that I have trained. I am capable of delivering a variety of sessions such as a relaxing/calming massage, post workout/training/event, pre workout/training/event, soft touch, deep tissue, and strictly therapeutic focusing on sore/troubled areas.  I can also include the Range~Of~Motion stretching, upon request.

In August of 2015 I relocated my studio, and my life, from Philadelphia to Wilmington, Delaware. 

Awakening Touch is not only LGBT friendly it is also LGBT owned and operated.

For nearly as long as I've been a massage therapist I have also been training in the martial arts. I am a 3rd Dan {degree black belt} in the art of Tang Soo Do and a Chief Instructors at World Class Martial Arts, in Holmes. I teach various days throughout the week, ages 3 to adult.


Continuing Education Certifications:

* Small Animal Massage:
 Oct 2006 from the Northwest School of Animal Massage

* Reiki Level 1 {chakra/energy balancing}:
May 2007 from Trisha Easley of Essential Touch Holistic Therapies.  I don't charge for Reiki with massage because it comes with every touch I provide whether intentional or not ~ "Hands on Reiki on".  I also offer Reiki sessions without a massage.

* Basic and Advanced Sports Massage:
Dec 2009 from the Cortiva Institute

Nuad~Borarn, Northern style Thai Massage {more stretching, less pressure points}: 
Dec 2010 from the International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand

* Lomi Lomi Massage:
 Oct 2012 from the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks

* Reiki Level 2:
Nov 2012 from Trisha Easley of Essential Touch Holistic Therapies

* DE require a specific amount of continuing education credits, every 2 years,  in order to maintain a valid massage license. Since 2012 I have taken various type of classes in order to improve upon my current skills and to better my anatomical knowledge. Though I won't list them all, I will list the ones that I feel are important. *

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